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Department of Real Estate

The Department ofReal Estate provides legal service on business related to land, real estates,building projects, including:

(1) legal service for thebusiness in the market of land, such as the assignment and transfer of theright of land usage, confiscation of land, selection of location ofconstruction planned land, approval of construction land planning;

(2) legal service for the businessin the market of real estates, such as the proposition of the projects of thedevelopment of real estates, the proposition to construct of such projects,applying for planning approval, and the preliminary examination of suchprojects; demolition and relocation of land occupiers , and compensation forand relocation of those whose land has been demolished and relocated;transferring the projects; pre-sale and pre-lease of commercial apartments;mortgage loan; mortgage and transfer of real estates and other forms of trades.

(3) legal service for thebusiness in the markets of building, mainly including invitation to bid andbidding, project construction, project supervision, equipments purchasing andinstallation, decoration, balance and settlement of projects, and other relatedmatters;

(4) legal service forlitigation on real estates, mainly arose out of contracts of assigning andtransferring the right to use state-owned land, contracts of co-development ofreal estate, contracts of projects contracting, contracts of purchase and saleof commercial apartments, contracts of real estate service, etc.