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Insurance and Maritime Department

Our lawyers haveextensive knowledge and experience in the area of insurance and maritime borneout of substantial practice. We have an in-depth understanding of the Chineseinsurance market and are familiar with insurance products provided by domesticinsurance companies.

We act for all playersin the field including insurance companies and enterprises, administrativedepartments, corporate and individual policyholders and marine-based clients.We provide a comprehensive range of legal services of the industries rangingfrom routine matters to more complex and professional matters including:

i.      assistinginsurance companies in constituting business structure, drafting,reviewing  and amending insurancecontracts and other documents, and providing feasible analysis and risk prognosticating;

ii.     providinglegal service on claims and claim settlements, advising on maritime disputeresolution including arbitration and litigation.


Where and how we can help:


For insurance business:

i.      providinglegal advice for clients’ decision making;

ii.     assistinginsurance companies to establish internal regulations;

iii.   providinglegal interpretations in relation to project management;

iv.    analyzinginsurance policy;

v.     forecastinginsurance risks;

vi.    draftingand reviewing insurance contracts for clients;

vii.  evaluatingthe loss insured;

viii.representingpolicyholders in insurance claims;

ix.    participatingin  negotiations regarding insurancecontracts and other insurance business;

x.     representingclients in insurance litigation.


For maritime business:

i.      draftingand examining contracts of carriage of goods by sea, contracts of carriage ofpassengers by sea, contracts of charter parties, contracts of sea towages,contracts of shipping agency, contracts of marine insurance, and other legaldocuments including bills of lading;

ii.     participatingdispute settlement arose out of contracts and documents mentioned above as well as dispute settlement insalvage at sea, collision of ships, general average and pollution ;

iii.   renderingother legal service related with maritime litigation and arbitration.